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Foam mattresses are made using different types of foam to provide both support and softness. Foam mattresses can be sandwiched or combined with other materials like coir, spring etc to offer extra comfort and durability.

Foam Mattress Features

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Reversible Dual Comfort

From ₹ 6,489

Our Reversible Dual Comfort Mattress is an ultra comfortable mattress as it is designed to adjust to your body's shape, weight, & temperature. The use of high density coir & rebonded foam together is an advantageous combinationas it prevents back aches.


Best Seller


From ₹ 5,875

Our Hybrid Mattress provide dual benefits with one side manufactured using premium quality softy foam which adjusts to your body's size, temperature & shape. The other side is orthopedic which helps in maintaining correct posture & prevents body aches.


Twin Layer

From ₹ 4,485

Our Twin Layer Mattress has a sturdy base that is supported by heavy density coir on one side & foam on the other side.

Quilting on both sides that offers superior support & comfort.


The Cozycoir Promise

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