Got a partner who is fidgety & constantly shifts & moves on the bed? You're not alone and after hearing the agonizing experience of multiple people, we decided to come up with a mattress that is so adaptive in nature, that even if your partner shifts & moves, the movement ripples stay contained & your sleep remains undisturbed without you having to experience even the slightest of movement. 

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Reversible Dual Comfort

From ₹ 6,489

Our Reversible Dual Comfort Mattress is an ultra comfortable mattress as it is designed to adjust to your body's shape, weight, & temperature. The use of high density coir & rebonded foam together is an advantageous combinationas it prevents back aches.


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Silent Partner Pocket Spring

From ₹ 6,009

Our Silent Partner Mattress comes with a zero disturbance technology that allows you to get a comfortable sleep experience even against motion from your partner. The mattress is attached with a premium knitted cloth on both sides which lends it a soft texture & feel.


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From ₹ 5,875

Our Hybrid Mattress provide dual benefits with one side manufactured using premium quality softy foam which adjusts to your body's size, temperature & shape. The other side is orthopedic which helps in maintaining correct posture & prevents body aches.


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